How Affiliate Marketing Malaysia Boost Your Brand Awareness

Do you know what affiliate marketing is? Have you ever hear this before? Affiliate marketing is a marketing campaign that will reward an individual earning sales through the giving of commission.

The affiliate program will offer the individual who signed up and help the retailer to promote and sell their product, will receive a benefit of the fund under the commission-based model. People who signed up the program will receive a trackable affiliate link and earn a percentage of total sales by which purchase is made.

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Affiliate marketing is a very affordable marketing strategy for your business, and it highlights your products, services, and brand in an effective and meaningful way. Since the people in online shopping in Malaysia is increasing, a lot of businesses are starting to adopt the affiliate strategy to increase their brand awareness.

If you are just a start-up business or a long-established business, then you shouldn’t miss this chance to create more brand awareness. Here is an example of how you can use the affiliate to increase your exposure.

Connect with influencer

In these days and ages, everyone does own a smartphone or laptop, and the majority of these people usually prefer to online shopping. This group of people know the bloggers and social media celebrities. Many of them are dedicating to online people respond to comments, tweets and messages. This makes them feel that the followers are more than friends than fans.

 This is a perfect opportunity to let a retailer use the power of influencer to get more referrals. You can work with a famous influencer on an affiliate program. This can be a win-win situation for both of you. You pay the commission to the influencer, the influencer receives the commission and helps you to promote your product and service through their social media profile.

Imitate the know names

You can also bring up your brand awareness by imitating the popular e-commerce platform, such as Lazada or Shopee. Most of the time, you will see that the Lazada will offer the cashback program for their active users. Lazada cashback has become one of the motivation people shipping the item in this platform. What you can do is try to capture the value of this program, and redesign it to apply to your business.

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If you think this is hard for your business to apply, then you can also consider taking Lazada Affiliate program. Lazada is a very famous e-commerce platform in Malaysia, so that affiliate is one of the ways they use to increase their awareness. This could be a benefit for you are a blogger. You can take this program and promote the items on Lazada by in your affiliate marketing posts.

Benefit of affiliate

Increase income

If you are an individual that not own any business, then Zalora affiliate program could be an excellent chance for you to run your own business and earn money. You can become an affiliate for Zalora, and use your posting in your social media platform to earn the percentage of affiliate commission.

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Because the reader already knows you and trust you so that it will be easier for you to convince by the content of your post. They are more likely to rely on the photographing of the product and video demonstration you upload in the post. You can try to use these things to convince your follower to become a member of smartshopper Malaysia.